Friday, May 20, 2011

Buttering You Up?

In a recent E-Magazine article  called “Chemicals in Butter”, University of Texas Professor, Dr. Arnold Schecter led a research team which discovered extremely high levels of polybrominated diphenyl, a toxic flame retardant, in a random sampling of supermarket butter. Nine of the other ten samples had low levels of some type of flame retardant, with this one sample being the only high level.
The good doctor says there is no reason to stop buying butter since the high level was just in one sample and they did not perform a large sample across the whole U.S.
Wow, doc I feel so much better…wait no I don’t! What the hell is wrong with this picture? You took a very small sampling of butter from all across the country and you just happen to get one that has a ridiculous amount of a toxic substance which does not belong in food, EVER. But we are just supposed to keep buttering our toast with this stuff? And a question, please. How much flame retardant is acceptable anyway? I mean really.
I’m sure the good doc was just practicing a little CYA before the some major corporation came after him, but buttering up the American people to the point of saying go ahead and keep buying that butter because I’m sure that everything is just fine since I don’t have all the fact? Well, sounds like business as usual. Eat up America!