Friday, November 15, 2013

Therapeutic Nature Engagement Workshop

From spending time in the gardening to walking in the park or hiking through the mountains, humans yearn for a connection with nature. Yet with the declining health of our environment, shortage of open spaces, fear of “stranger-danger”, and ever increasing technology-obsessed culture, we have become increasingly nature deprived and disconnected from the world around us.
Research confirms that direct contact with natural settings increases physical and mental health as well as psychological and spiritual development. Benefits include stress reduction, a sense of interconnectedness and belonging, improved self-confidence and self-discipline, and a broader sense of community.
This two hour nature engagement workshop introduces ideas more deeply explored in an 8 week workshop series which combines the healing properties of nature, as well as meaningful interactions utilizing nature as teacher to deepen our relationship with self, nature, and the world we live in.

November 23rd, 2013
10am - 12pm
Holton Eco-Preserve
Cost: $10

Proceeds will help benefit the Holton Eco-Preserve.

Monday, September 9, 2013

That which you are seeking is the seeker

Whatever being comes to be,
Be it motionless or moving,
Derives its being from the union
Of "field" and "Knower of the field"
- this know.
~Bhagavad-gita, XIII, 26

Monday, June 24, 2013

Blind leading the blind?

I went to visit a friend in the hospital today, when a nutritionist walked in. I was baffled by the sight in front of me. When conjuring the idea of someone we would expect in this role, I don't think that I would be alone in imagining the person as a fit and healthy individual. Don't get me wrong. I'm not expecting some fitness god or goddess with rock hard abs and bulging biceps, but who stood before me was the vision of unhealthyness.

The whole point of seeing a nutritionist is to learn about eating foods which help us to optimize our health.  This individual was a least 100 pounds over weight and had a pallid and jaundiced complexion, thinning hair, and dull eyes. Unfortunately, these same qualities plague many our health care professionals. It makes me question why are we turning to unhealthy people for guidance in our well being. You wouldn't ask a guy who is broke for financial advice, right?

Growing, preparing, foraging, and sharing food is part of our ancient human experience. It connects us with the earth and each other. It is even the center of many religious and spiritual practices.

When seeking a health care professional, find someone who is knowledgeable in nutrition and implements this is their own life. The food you put in your body is the single most important thing you do for yourself. Without good food, you cannot have good health.

As an ecospiritualist and life coach, I work with individuals to accomplish their health goals. If learning to simply eat in a way which

makes you feel good sounds attractive to you, contact me at

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Where exactly are our memories stored? The brain, of course, is our first response, but where exactly in the brain? Are the memories stored on the tissues themselves or maybe the cells? But how can this be? Consider the fact that approximately every 7 years every single cell in our bodies are replaced. As those cells die, wouldn't our memories die along with them. If this were true, it would be tragic leaving us not only without memories of loved ones and good times, but we would never move beyond the intellect of a 7 year old. Although in some ways this may not be a bad thing.

What if our memories are not stored in our physical being at all? What if they are stored in the very fabric of the multiverse? Let's think about it in easier terms by equating it to computers. We aresimply processors,  individual computers able to access a mainframe (multiverse). We are able to upload and download information. When we break down (or die), our memories do not disappear. They remain on the mainframe which adds to the overall intelligence (universal consciousness/inherent wisdom). This is what has allowed the multiverse to evolve and become conscious of itself. It is continuously striving to grow, to be better, perhaps even to find its own purpose.

Even when you try to delete a file, there is always a ghost somewhere still on the machine which can be retrieved by those who know how to access it. This is the innate wisdom in all things. Although many have forgotten how to intentionally access this readily available knowledge, we still have the connection. It's those moments when you just know something even when you don't know how you know. It is the wisdom our ancient ancestors and animals used to find edible and medicinal plants. They didn't just eat them and wait to see if they got sick or died. They asked to be shown. And they were.

I've always had a knack for taking care of plants. I have not studied them. I can't even name most of them. But after reviving plants for friends, they would always ask, "How did you do know what to do?" I never had a concrete answer for them. The reality was, I just "listened" to the plants.

Some may think that is crazy, while others will understand. Each and everyone of us can recall a time when we just knew something in our gut that we had no reasonable way of knowing. It happens all the time from simple things like knowing you should have left 5 minutes early, to major decisions such as knowing you should not have made a certain investment. This is the fabric of the multiverse communicating with you. All those moments when you said to yourself, "I knew I should(n't) have done that", were not coincidence. You did know, but you weren't paying attention.

We have a connection with this world and beyond that is undeniable and deeply profound. It is just waiting for us to remember.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


It is absolutely suicidal to think that we are separate from the Earth.

The systems on this planet are in constant contact with one another in order to self-regulate, which requires an immense constant and complex exchange of data. Without this system of connection, a great imbalance would occur and literally change the world as we know it. This beautiful planet we call home is a miracle which has evolved in just the right way to sustain life and allow our existence.

Yet, we somehow think that we are not a part of this system. That we are above nature and somehow have power over it. But our perceived separation is throwing the balance out of whack and we are starting to see the implications. There is inherent knowledge in this eco-system that we can tap into if we just stop and feel it. If we can put our ego aside which blinds us from that which is our own nature.

The Earth is in peril. We are the problem, but even more importantly, WE ARE THE SOLUTION.

More, more, do like it, how do you like it?

There are three aspects to growing an industrial economy. Produce more, consume more, and throw away more. But where is away? Once you throw is away, of course, you have to replace it, right? So you consume more. Which is great because then they can produce more which provides you with an income so you can consume more, but everything is made for convenience and to be disposable, so you will ultimately throw more away. And where exactly is away again?

But it's all okay, because consuming all those great things makes you happy and gives your life purpose, right?


Friday, February 15, 2013

What is Eco-evolve?

We have reached a point in the human race where we have a choice to make. We can continue on our current path of raping the earth, poisoning our bodies, being brainwashed by corporate controlled media to try and fill the void in our souls with more and more stuff, or we can choose to make a conscious decision to evolve as a species and begin to live in harmony with the planet as an integrated part of the web of life. We are past the point of a revolution. It is time for an evolution, an eco-evolution.
Have you reached the point where you  are tired of reading about the same top 10 tips to green your life? You’ve changed your light bulbs, you have your reusable shopping bags, and yet you just know there is so much more we all need to be doing.
Do you feel out of touch with yourself, your dreams, and the natural world? Why do people work so hard just to try and get away from it all with a weekend at the beach or in the mountains?
It’s time for those of us who are ready to reconnect and willing to take our commitment to the earth to the next level to create a community. A group of people with a common interest who can come together to share ideas and information, help motivate each other and even to constructively challenge one another. It’s time to gather the tribe.
Evolution or extinction. The choice is ours.