Friday, February 15, 2013

What is Eco-evolve?

We have reached a point in the human race where we have a choice to make. We can continue on our current path of raping the earth, poisoning our bodies, being brainwashed by corporate controlled media to try and fill the void in our souls with more and more stuff, or we can choose to make a conscious decision to evolve as a species and begin to live in harmony with the planet as an integrated part of the web of life. We are past the point of a revolution. It is time for an evolution, an eco-evolution.
Have you reached the point where you  are tired of reading about the same top 10 tips to green your life? You’ve changed your light bulbs, you have your reusable shopping bags, and yet you just know there is so much more we all need to be doing.
Do you feel out of touch with yourself, your dreams, and the natural world? Why do people work so hard just to try and get away from it all with a weekend at the beach or in the mountains?
It’s time for those of us who are ready to reconnect and willing to take our commitment to the earth to the next level to create a community. A group of people with a common interest who can come together to share ideas and information, help motivate each other and even to constructively challenge one another. It’s time to gather the tribe.
Evolution or extinction. The choice is ours.