Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16 - Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Day 2

Waking as the birds start singing their songs in honor of the rising sun, is so peaceful, especially compared to the jolting sound of the alarm clock. I don't care what your ringer is. It's just not natural. I made some oatmeal and hot tea with my awesome $5 biofuel stove. So nice to have when you don't feel like making a fire.

As I was puttering around, it occurred to me that the road was very drive-able so I decided I would go back and get the car so I could go further up the mountain. I left everything and walked back to the car, drove it back to the campsite in under an hour. The same distance it had taken me a little over 3 hours to hike to yesterday. I need to give myself some time to get in shape and to get used to the altitude in order to actually backpack any real distance.

So I headed up the mountain in my Scion Xb. If you are familiar with this car, then you know how low it sits to the ground, so the looks I got when other people in their jeeps and trucks and land rovers spotted me was quite amusing. I might have to make a few alterations when I get home to prepare for the second leg of my trip.
That's right. Get some!
Aaaanyway, the drive up was fun and had a few things in store.

I found a site with some great views and set up camp. Hummingbird visited while I was putting up the hammock.

I took a hike and thought I spotted an area down in the canyon that might have water. I was running low and knew I would have to leave tomorrow if I didn't find any. It was also a good opportunity to practice with this great GPS app I had downloaded called Spyglass. I was right about the location of water, but a bit too late in the season. It had all dried up. I sat under a nearby tree and watched a woodpecker for a while then headed back up to camp.

I had a very relaxing day after that. I played music, looked out at the view, reorganized my car a little and made room in it to sleep in case the weather got bad.

Made a fire.

Watched the moon come up.

Good night beautiful world.

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