Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18 - Bull Creek Pass

I stopped for breakfast at The Tamarisk Restaurant in Green River which was a great little place right on the river. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros. I love the dish and had not had it in a long time. It was slightly disappointing, but not because there was anything wrong with the food itself. They put their own spin on it, for instance frying the tortillas, and I was really wanting the traditional dish I had remembered. The restaurant was cute, had a really great vibe and you can't beat the view right on the river.

Afterward I headed out to Bull Creek Pass which is a scenic back-country bypass. From what I had read I wasn't sure how much of it was going to be drive-able, but I figured I would just go as far as I was able. On the way, I found this scenic view right on the road. It must be pretty active with animals at night.

When I reached Bull Creek Pass I drove for a while and everything was so open, hot and dry, then I turned a corner and out of nowhere I came upon this great spot with trees.

I don't know what kind of trees these are. I don't think I've ever seen them but really I like them. They provided a lot of shade. It was a warm day but not scorching. I set up the tent then proceeded to rearrange and organize the stuff in my car. It is amazing how quickly things get messy. I am trying to find a system that works as this is my new normal. 

I spent some time playing my cigar box dulcimer, reading, writing, exploring the dry river bed that runs to the east and south of the campsite which is full of agates. I laid down in the tent for a few minutes and then started hearing some noises. I could tell it was large animals so I waited. Then I heard a moo. About 6 cows had wondered up. They ran off as soon as I tried to get out of the tent to see them. Shortly after I made dinner and a fire, watched the sunset as I played music. It was such a wonderfully relaxing day. I had already decided I would stay here a few days instead of traveling up the byway and making a new camp each day.

I bought a new sleeping bag rated for colder weather and had put the inflatable mattress in the tent so I think a good night's sleep is ahead. A little reading then lights out. Thank you for this blessed day.

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