Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25 - Two washes and one Grand Canyon

When I left Zion yesterday, I set out to go to Hackberry Canyon for some backpacking, but as I was driving along the fairly maintained Bureau of Land Management road, I came across a nice gentleman who informed me that the road was washed out ahead from the storm that had just passed through. He was in an SUV and could not get through and felt he would warn me, especially because of the type of car I was driving. I was very thankful for this.

Hackberry Canyon
So I headed back west toward the small town I had just passed through to see if I could get some kind of cellular or wifi signal so I could load up a map for my next stop. I intended to go to The Wave Trail, again for some backpacking. Once I got my map loaded I was off. I got there after dark so I thought I would drive to the trailhead and park for the night. As I drove again along a well maintained dirt road, I came suddenly to what looked like about a 6' drop. I saw another road that I thought might be another way around and started to go down it when I saw campers who looked like they were startled and in sleeping bags in what looked like the middle of the road. It was hard to see in the dark. I decided to go back to a campsite I had noticed just a bit down the road for the night and to try it again in the morning.

The Wave
The morning revealed yet another wash that had made the road untravel-able to my awesome low riding car. So I went back out to the main road and headed east until I could again find a signal and make a new plan. I ended up at the BLM Visitor center which was not yet open. I was able to use the restroom and ended up having a nice chat with another visitor. I ate some breakfast then took a look at my options. I had never been to the Grand Canyon, which was only about 3 hours away so I decided to go.

I went to the South Rim and started at the Desert View Tower, which is not a Native American structure but is interesting because it was designed in 1932 by Mary Colter one of the few female architects of her time.



The Grand Canyon is spectacular . It is dizzi-ing in its depth. When you think you see the bottom, you realize it goes down even further. Words and pictures will never reveal its truth. It is something one must experience.



I enjoyed my time in the park, took some short hikes, saw some other interesting things beside the canyon itself.


Then headed back to the tower for some sunset shots and to watch the stars come out.



It was late, the campground was full and I didn't feel like driving in the dark trying to find a place to camp outside the park, so I slept in the parking lot.

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