Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 28 - Butler Wash

Kim ran across a blog by a guy who talked about a few areas to see Cliff Dwellings so I decided to check out one of the areas called Butler Wash. It took a bit to find because the signs for the area are posted up the dirt road rather than out on the main road. I drove down a bit and found a good place to park and possibly camp.





Binoculars would have been very helpful. There are many areas that look like they could be cliff dwellings, but you can't see whether there are any man-made structures within them unless you climb up to them. I climbed all over the place, but alas, I did not find a single ruin. I drove further down the road but could not find an area where I could actually drive down to a campsite. The roads were fairly smooth for the most part, but the brush in the middle of the path is just too high for my low rider. Still it was a beautiful area and well worth further exploration if I am out this way again.

On my way to my next destination I saw these ruins just off the side of the road. Go figure.



I drove to Canyon of the Ancients Trailhead, but it is already getting dark so I will sleep in the car and head out in the morning.

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